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Global Links Project

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Global Links Project
Dear all,

I think a lot of you are very happy with the links features. May be a lot of you have used it in different areas or different regions.

I am looking for anyone who are interested to build a "Global Links Project". This project will require people from all around the world to build their own local web sites directory by using Links. For example, if you are living in UK, you can build a web site directory for UK sites only. Or you can build a site just for London. We can build a global directory within a very short period of time.

The reason behind by building local web site directory is because the trend of internet is going to getting more and more localized and more focus. For example as Yahoo, you can see them are building more and more localized web sites. Like Japan, Asia, UK...

The benifits of this project is:
--build a global directory within a very short period of time
--capture the attention of the WWW community
--very little investment(mostly web hosting cost and time for maintanence) with very great potential(we can have another even more powerful global search engine)
--utilize the brain power from people all around the world

This project should require who are:
-- willing to do some big thing on the net
-- want to have a good position at local market or even global market
-- willing to work together from people around the world
-- people from all around the world

Yahoo start from building a big search engine for US and we can start from small local towards global market. We have a unlimited workforce(people using links) and a lot of idea.

This is just a start, I will contact more people outside this board to join this project, from all around the world.

If anyone are interested, please email me at glinks@iname.com or ICQ me at : 28375914

Have a good Year!!

Bear EveryWhere
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