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German Spammers again:(

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German Spammers again:(

Yes I am spammed also badly each minutes i got maybe auto add maybe 5 links it seems its running a desktop software I have to change
always the add.cgi for another name :(
Hmmm yes they are from Germany and at the end it points always to www.adultfinder.de its maybe a webmaster working with referals and
This is an example look!
The following link is awaiting validation:
Title: Natascha hat es drauf, strumfhosen sex, getragene strumfhosen
URL: http://www.luftballonfrauen.xxx.kostenlose-sexpics.de/live/
Category: Hardcore
Description: F R A N Z S I N N E N - P R I V A T
Contact Name: RabitSeitz
Contact Email: anfrage@blanke-muschis.de
Remote Host:

What do u suggest to stop that?

Its annoying!


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Re: German Spammers again:( In reply to
SAY N O to duplicate Threads!!!! Come on! Wink


Eliot Lee Wink
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Re: German Spammers again:( In reply to
Since installing the add confirm mod I've managed to stop it. I was getting at least 30 sex/spam sites a day. I've had zero since yesterday. That's the solution I would suggest.