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French accent always replaced

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French accent always replaced

I've been using Links2 for a while and I have a problem with French accent in the description, If I enter:

beauté, cosmétique, rouge à lèvres

after a while on my HTML pages it becomes

beaut(interrogation mark), cosm(interrogation mark)tique, rouge (interrogation mark) l(interrogation mark)vres

all accent are replaced by the sign interrogation mark (doesn't shows up on this page this is why I write the whole stuff)

Beside replacing constantly the letters I have no idea what to do and it's completely random, I mean it doesn't do that every time I rebuild the pages but it does it very often. I believe it comes from the nph-build.cgi and I can't find any reason for the script to modify the text on my pages ! I rebuild the script using the command line.

Help !
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