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Font Size
Hi all!

For years I wanted to have my own Gossamer Threads links directory. After buying my new webspace, the first thing I did was setting up Gossamer. I'm a beginner at CGI, but setting up was easier than I thought. I'm running the site in beta mode at the moment to see whether there are problems, but I have one tiny problem with the font sizes.

When I browse through the categories and links, the explanation to the links is way to large. Like 10 pixels or something. I want it smaller, but I cannot find the appropiate tag for this. Even more confusing (at least to me) - when I go to the New page or search for a link, the font size is smaller. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Probably a stupid beginners question;-) But I would be thankful anyway!
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Re: [Gothic_Girl] Font Size In reply to
are you using the links.css file? if so, that is the place to start

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Re: [esm] Font Size In reply to
More specifically, look for these CSS items in the stylesheet. This piece of code is from site_html_templates.pl, and determines what the links look like:

# Then we print out the name linked, new if it's new, and popular if its popular.
$output .= qq|<dl><dt><strong><a class="link" href="$url">$category_name</a></strong> <small class="numlinks">($numlinks)</small> |;
$output .= qq|<small><sup class="new">new</sup></small>| if (&days_old($mod) < $db_new_cutoff);
$output .= qq|</dt>|;
$output .= qq|<dd><span class="descript">$description </span></dd>| if (!($description =~ /^[\s\n]*$/));
$output .= qq|</dl>|;

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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Font Size In reply to
Thanks! I was using my own CSS file, but looking into the one that's in the ZIP file I realize, there are a lot more options. So I'll work with the CSS a bit. Anyway, the descriptions look right for the moment;-)