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Feature request Forum

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Feature request Forum
All in favor of a "Feature request Forum" say I.

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Re: Feature request Forum In reply to
NAY! There would be even more redundancies
than there are with the "Links Discussion" and "Links Modification" forums. It would be more confusing!

I vote NO!

Eliot Lee
Founder and Editor
Anthro TECH, L.L.C
Coconino Community College
Web Technology
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Re: Feature request Forum In reply to
I agree with you too Eliot. Count in a Nay for me too. Smile
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Re: Feature request Forum In reply to
Despite my earlier statement that I thought it would be a good idea, I have reconsidered. It would duplicate one of the purposes of the discussion forum which is where we talk about Links, where it is, and where it is going. I think that would include new feature requests and, since Alex moderates this forum himself, he would certainly see the messages.

So, I would have to say Nay.
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Re: Feature request Forum In reply to
Allow me to quote from the forum startpage, where it says:
Links Discussion
General discussion about Links, feature requests, comments, suggestions, etc.
So, this particular forum is for that kind of talk!

The problem is, IMHO, that people post non-relevant posts here - look at the current list, where there's a lot of installation related posts. The same goes for the Links Modifications forum.

What I find a need for is:
- more postings to the FAQ, and perhaps a better structure there (as it grows, division into subcategories).
- perhaps more than one modification forum? Could be divided into things like:
- sorting issues
- catogory issues
- template issues
- search issues
- email issues
- etc.
- a better search engine.