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Email address questions

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Email address questions
I have Links 2.0 running on two web sites.

For the second web site when I installed I did a lot of copying files from the first site 'cause like everyone else I had lots of modifications.

Both have been running well for about a year.

I just discovered a problem as I tried to email to all the link owners on my second site. This is the first time I've emailed all the link owners.

In my test email it came "FROM" the email address from the first site.

Naturally I went to links.cfg to make sure that $db_admin_email was set correctly. It was. But I'm still getting the wrong email address listed when I email link owners.

Where is the variable for "From" when sending to Link Owners?
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Please In reply to
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Re: [Curt] Please In reply to
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but are you on the same server as your other site? It could be a path problem where you forgot to change it or something. Sunds like it is accessing the old version of links.cfg. Just a stab in the dark really, but it may be the problem.

Andy (mod)
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