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Delete future what's new pages?

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Delete future what's new pages?
I would like to know what to change so I may be able to delete future what's new pages?

from links.cfg
# Directory Permissions.
$build_dir_per = 0777;

But not used for what's new pages right, so where and how is the file permissions set for these page? I can't find it.

These pages take up a lot of unnecessary server space.


Oh yeah I'm still using v1.11 just to let you know - but I'm hoping a v2.0 mod will work on v1.11.
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Re: Delete future what's new pages? In reply to
I don't know if you are using cron to re-build your directory, but what I use is the following in my build index shell file:

rm /path/to/newdirectory/*

before calling the nph-build.cgi file.

Widgetz did write some codes in this forum about two months ago that will delete the new files during the build process. Search this forum more carefully.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C