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Dead link report

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Dead link report
I am getting a lot of false dead link reports. Does anyone know of a script that would give the person sending in the dead link report and option on what's wrong ...(404 error, unable to connect,505 error, etc)and when it is sent in, the script automatically checks the link to see if a legitimate report. If it's not legitimate, the report is not sent to the webmaster.

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Re: Dead link report In reply to
How about my deadlink mod......

Try it out here...


Just do a search for adcycle or something and click Deadlink? next the the resource.

If interested let me know and I'll email it to you.

Paul Wilson.
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Re: Dead link report In reply to
Thanks Paul,
Your dead link Mod. looks like it will do the job. If you can email me the script I would appreciate it.
Rich C