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Date Questions

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Date Questions
Hello.. please help with the following date questions:

1. When doing a search the results comeback showing TODAY'S DATE instead of the date when URL was actually added.??

2. The date on the result reads day/month/year

On the other hand when I go to "what's new"
it will list the "new dates" to when sites where added but they read month/day/year then when click on a particular date, for example Dec. 25, 1999 It calls up the list of sites added that day but they read TODAY's Date instead of the date when they were added (12/25/99)

-hope I have made this clear enought to understand- Any suggestions to where do I fix this date situation ?

thank you

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Re: Date Questions In reply to
The reason for the different dates is for creating links and also saving files (like the backup files) in formats that are easy to use.

To change the date formats, you will have to edit the date routines in the links.cfg file and also the date routines in db_utils.pl file.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C