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Data import to Links 3.1.0

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Data import to Links 3.1.0
Hi, I've checked this forum and user manuals for Links 3.1 and a bit confused - there seems to be some controversy. Hope you can help.

Basically, I need to move Links (currently I run v 2.1.0) to another server. I thought it would be a good time to install v 3 at the same time. So I did and then tried to import data from an old server v.2.1.0 as I mentioned. It did not work. There is a post here saying that such import would not be possible, while manual says it is possible and import options (from 2.x and even 1.x) suggest so.

My question is, is it possible and how to import data to v 3 from v 2 or I have to delete the installation and start from 2 all over again and then import data and then upgrade? Well obviously Id like to do straight import as it was a bit painful to install it in the first place (well just for me, I barely can switch on a PC).
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Re: [JOliver] Data import to Links 3.1.0 In reply to
You need to ask this question in the Links SQL forum, this is the Links2 (flatfile) forum.

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Data import to Links 3.1.0 In reply to
Sorry mates. It would help though if SQL forum mentioned that it is SQL somewhere. Thought it is even older version.

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