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Couldnt find this one in FAQ.

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Couldnt find this one in FAQ.
Hey, thanks for all your help so far, i checked the FAQ first before posting.

Here's the question... In the subdirectory, is there a tag that I can use

For instance, if I have main category "Test" and then subdirectory "Test_One"
The current title reads Test : Test One.

Is there any way to get the title to read just "Test One"

Thanks for the additional help.
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Re: [JackBeQuick] Couldnt find this one in FAQ. In reply to
In addition to the FAQ, there are help documents in the admin.cgi script (BTW: Adding subscategories is also mentioned in the MAIN admin.cgi menu screen).


Common Questions
These are questions I get asked all the time, so please read!

How do I create subcategories?
Easy, just name your category appropriately. For instance, if you have a category named 'Computers', to have a subcategory named Hardware just click on Add Category, and name it 'Computers/Hardware'.
You can have as many levels as you like 'Computers/Hardware/Video Cards/Diamond' for instance, but just make sure you have the appropriate categories before hand (i.e. in the above example, you would need to have 'Computers', 'Computers/Hardware' and 'Computers/Hardware/Video Cards' first.

For instance, there is a link entitled,Template Help and Codes you can use!, in the Edit Templates screen (after you select the appropriate template). Click on that link and you will see a list of all TAGS that you can use in each template.

To directly answer your question, you should use:


in the category.html template.
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] Couldnt find this one in FAQ. In reply to
No, that doesnt work.

Now it just comes up as Test/Test_One for the title.

I just want Test_One to show... Is this doable?

Thanks again for your added expertise