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Comparison: Links 2.0 vrs Hyperseek

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Comparison: Links 2.0 vrs Hyperseek
Can anyone tell me what the differences are between Hyperseek and Links 2.0 other that the huge price tag of $399.00 for Hyperseek.
Can their system better handle a larger load in the searches.
I know Alex is working on the mysql search system for Links 2.0 But I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experience with the Hyperseek Linking system.
Thanks for any advise.

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Apart from the price tag, the biggest difference is that Links lets you customize virtually every aspect of your interface and add third party modifications.

On a more subtle note, HyperSeek simply doesn't work (leastwise it didn't two months ago) -- it's auto-installed and linked to the HyperSeek folks' server in some fashion in the trial version. We gave up on it after two days of trying to get it to work and getting no response.

Links doesn't gurarantee any support for the trial version but has a huge community of peer support. I haven't been able to get answers to any of my questions, but I suspect it's because I didn't post them well, or it's assumed I didn't read the README and faq <g>.

My bet is with Links, or the pay version of IndexFinger.