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Changing Domain Name and Directory

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Changing Domain Name and Directory
I have a client who is currently using Links2.0 and he had it setup and running fine. He changed the name of his website and moved all of his files into a new directory. Everything works fine in the new directory, but it shows the old domain name and the links still use the old name.

Is there one way to change all of this without redoing his entire database and etc.?

I was looking for a main settings page, but no luck. I am unfamiliar with Links2.0, and I have to get everything changed. Can someone please explain the easiest method to do this???

Thank you.
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Re: [xecutech] Changing Domain Name and Directory In reply to
Your best bet is to look into links.cfg first. Then go into admin.cgi, and do a rebuild. See if that affects it...if not, it will most likely be hard coded in the template, which you can find at /admin/templates.

Hope that helps :)


Andy (mod)
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