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Category and Subcategory Question?

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Category and Subcategory Question?

I have succesfully installed links on my site. My site has a couple levels of categories and subcategories. The farthest subcategory looks like this "category1>category2>category3". What I want to do is, I want to display the categories that are listed in category2 and display them on all the pages in category3 for easy navigation. So basicall what I want is to display the categories listed in the previous category, on all the pages. I have made seperate category templates that was explained in the FAQ's, but I am not sure how I would beable to display the categories listed from the previous category. If I understand correctly, I should only have to make 2 category templates to do what I am wanting to do. I am not sure how I would get the program to figure out which category template to use though.

I have one more really small problem. In my subcategory titles, the "_" is showing when the program is supposed to make a space when that charracter is present.


Chris Roane
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When setting up sub-sub-categories, you could use 'Related Categories' to list all the above sub-categories.

Dan O.