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Category Template is acting Weird!

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Category Template is acting Weird!
Ok, I've customized all the templates and they all work fine but for some reason the categories template wont wont work, if I modify it.

I did a few tests and discovered that if I place the code in a table (that i make to layout my page) NONE of the sub-categories or links show up!

All I see is the heading, "Links" but no actual links! I use Dreamweaver to modify the templates, if that helps.

I really need an answer to this problem and would appreciate any help!

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Re: Category Template is acting Weird! In reply to
There are many Threads that discuss using WYSIWYG editors, like Dreamweaver (click on it, and you see relevant Threads)...The problem is that when you use WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver is that the LINKS TAGS get screwed up....

Two solutions:

1) Either edit the Templates via text editor and make sure that the tags are on separate lines, like the following:


<%if category%>
<%if links%>

2) Install the Enhanced Template.pm code hack, linked in the Resources section that WILL allow you to have tags on the same line, like what WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver does to tags...



<%if category%><%category%><%endif%>

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