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Category Name Change Bug

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Category Name Change Bug
When I rename a category, all the links under it don't get updated. Instead they just disappear into thin air. When I open up the database, I see them still there, but the referencing is wrong.

Example: I change HTML/Reference_and_Tutorials to HTML/Reference.

Category is changed but all the links still say HTML/Reference_and_Tutorials.

This has to be fixed. Also, it'd be nice to have a feature to move categories or links from one place to another.

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That's not a bug,

When changing a category name you change it in category.db not in links.db

To do that click Check Cat in the nav bar and you will see what links have a category which does not exists in category.db

You have the option to delete them or move them to another category. Just move them into the new named category.


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