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Cash to help me install

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Cash to help me install
I need help installing willing to pay for install on webserver
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Re: [aman_is] Cash to help me install In reply to
If you're in the UK, I might be able to help (cheques in currencies other than GBP would be a pain for me).

Otherwise, I suggest looking in the resources section, as that lists people willing to install Links 2.

Here's a direct link to that section:
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Re: [aman_is] Cash to help me install In reply to
RIGHT, don't pay anyone to install Links 2.0 for you, the script itself is not hard. Yes I agree it may seem daunting at first, but grab yourself a coffee and set some time aside and sit down to it.

Follow the instructions careful and proceed. If you do come across a problem, get a pen and paper and write down as much detail as you can, for example error messages etc.

Come straight back to these forums and post your message in the relelvant forum. There are several users around who will help you out, for nothing.

Again, do not pay for help, its silly. With a bit of curtious and time in these forums the problem 99% is always answered.

If you still have problems, send me a PM with your FTP details and I will personally install it for you within 10 minutes.

To that note though I will only install a basic links 2.0 script with no mods added, this starts digging into my time etc and personal preferences. But again if you require help with mods, just post in this forum and we will help you out.


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stu2000: Jan 17, 2003, 7:57 PM
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Re: [stu2000] Cash to help me install In reply to
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I figured it out the same day, jsut a small thing.

I guess all I needed was a little more patients. Thanks again for all you help. Nice to see that there are some really nice people posting here.

Thanks again.