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Cant build Categories

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Cant build Categories
I`ll try to explain in easy words.

From the Admin Mode I added a category
The Category was added sucessfuly in the
link page which is http://www.pakistans.com/links

But When I tried to access the the
Shopping category at http://www.pakistans.com/link/Shopping
It says the "Requested URL was not found on the server"

Which Means that It does not create a directory for Category.

I hope this is clear.


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Re: Cant build Categories In reply to
What do you mean "it shows in the directory but a directory is not created for the new category"?

That makes no sense.

Please provide a live example so we can see what you are talking about.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C

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Re: Cant build Categories In reply to
It appears you have solved the problem. I visited your http://www.pakistans.com/links/ page referenced above and your "Shopping" category seems to be functioning although it is http://www.pakistans.com/links/Shopping_and_Gifting/ rather than just "Shopping" (which is accurately reporting a 404 error when using the URL http://www.pakistans.com/links/Shopping

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