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CGI Scripts Won't Work

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CGI Scripts Won't Work
Hi all,

The server my search engine is on changed to a new server, but with the same domain name. Now all the cgi scripts won't work, the add, the jump, the search, the Admin, etc. I can't access any of them.

Another problem is that my domain also switched from FTP to SSH, and the person who help me set up the Search Engine doesn't know how to use SSH.

I don't want to have to start all over again, I had over 4000+ links in the Search Engine and it took nearly 2+ months with me and some other people helping me to get all my links in there.

If someone can help me figure out how to fix the problem I'd be very grateful!

Search Engine Owner in Distress!
Sonja Marie

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Re: CGI Scripts Won't Work In reply to
1) You need to change all the paths in the links.cfg to your new server paths (absolute) and also change all the require statements in the cgi scripts to point to your new folder where the links.cfg is located.

2) No FTP? You gotta be kidding. Well, with SSH, you can use the vi editor to edit files and also paste files and save them. Learn some unix commands.


Eliot Lee Wink
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Re: CGI Scripts Won't Work In reply to

All you should need to do is change the paths in links.cfg and possibly the perl path on the top of all your .cgi files. The files should have kept their CHMOD, if not you will need to look at that too!

Until next time...