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Build all stops building

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Build all stops building
Hi All,

I am new here and hope am hoping for a little help if I may ask. I have a problem on my build all for the site I am using Gossamer Threads on.

The build gets so far and then just stops, Returns no error but just doesn't complete the build. The site has in the region of 12000 links there and the category where it stops is the largest of all but it does build sometimes without error. I have tried numerous things to try and fix this but as yet I have had no success.

If anyone could please help me I would be very very grateful!

Thanks in Advance

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Re: [DB1] Build all stops building In reply to
Ouch... 12,000 links in a static database? No offence... but you're asking for trouble =)

For realistic build times/searches, I wouldn't recommend more than 4,000 links. If you need to have 12,000 I would seriously consider LinksSQL, which can handle those kind of numbers with ease.

If you havn't already noticed it, your link.db file may become corrupt very soon (due to the size of it... which I would guess is well over 5mb).


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Build all stops building In reply to
Kind of thought it would be somthing to do with the number of links.

It's not my own so can't really tell the owner what should and shouldn't be done with it. The size is not bad actually just around the 3.7 MB mark but still it is asking alot.

Just thought there might be some way to work around it till I have had the time to filter out the unwanted links!

Unsure Oh well nevermind.

Thanks Andy
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Re: [DB1] Build all stops building In reply to
When sites get big, you need to use Staggered Build.

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Build all stops building In reply to
Hi, I have used the staggered build but it produces an error, on the sub categories. It shows them as being un populated. Which is no use for people wanting to browse the site if they think the categories are empty!

Thanks Leonard