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Build Problems

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Build Problems

Hope this makes sense, I have checked the forum, but can't find an answer.

When I click 'autobuild' everything works fine ... except .... normally the script says DONE (92s) in this instance everything oki doki !! Mostly though it does not say DONE (??s) and in this case the last catorgory isn't built and displays a blank page.

To over come this I can 'build auto staggered' only in this case and links I have which share alternative catagories only show in their main catagory.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Re: [robh] Build Problems In reply to
When you say it gives a blank page, do you mean with staggered?

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Build Problems In reply to
Andy - Thanks for replying.

In 'Autobuild' if it say 'Done' at the very end everything is ok. More often than not it doesn't say 'done' in this case it doesn't build the last catagory.

I sometimes have to run 'autobuild' several times until it says 'done'

am i making sense?

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Re: [robh] Build Problems In reply to

OK - understand my own confusion - the options are

Build All
Staggered (Auto)
Edit Templates

I'm talking about 'Build All' sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Then if i use staggered (auto) it doesn't include links in multiple catagories, only their main catagory.