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Build Incomplete, Some Directories Empty

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Build Incomplete, Some Directories Empty
Hello -

Using Links for some time, so I am familiar with most of it. This problem has probably existed for a while, but I only just noticed it.

I added several new links today, using a category that exists in the "Add Link" section. I did the build, and in scrolling saw the directories being updated, and the HTML being build.

Went to the main page of the site, went to "New", and the links were added there. Tried to go to the same page from the central categories on the HOME page, and the subcategories to which I added the links do not appear.

Going backward from the page where they do appear drops me in an EMPTY directory. Somehow, things are being leaped over.

Compounding this problem is this: when I do a "Check Categories", and search for the ones that ARE listed in the "Add Link" section, the search shows that these categories do not exist.

So, in a nutshell: the categories exist in "Add", "New" and the directories are being built; the categories do NOT exist in "Check Cat." or when the page is accessed via the central Cat listing on page one.

My suspicion is that there are other categories I have simply forgotten about that are also bot being built; this suspicion is bolstered by the fact that I am up to link number 270+, but the front page shows @240 links in the database. So, somewhere, 30 links are just lying there.

Any thoughts on how this can be corrected?
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Re: Build Incomplete, Some Directories Empty In reply to
Are you receiving any error messages (timeout errors) when you re-build your index? Me thinks that your ISP has restricted your access to server resources and has cut off building your directories.

The best solution I can provide is to build your index via telnet, which is a lot faster than via web browsers.


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