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Blank Line in Descriptions

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Blank Line in Descriptions
I'm a newbie and tried searching for this without success.

Here's the Problem. Some descriptions for our links have a blank line before the very last line of the paragraph. Has anyone hade this problem?

ie: askdf akljf skdjf skdljksdlj sdkl skl
;lkasjd ksjdlkj sdklj as;kldj ;aklsjd
ajksdjdklsldkjf skjldkj lskjdk lklkd

lskjd sdkljfkdlsj.

To see the problem go here: http://eresources.library.duq.edu/All_Databases/ and scroll down to the descriptions starting with 'D'

I was thinking that it might just be a browser problem. We use IE6.

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Re: [jamayo] Blank Line in Descriptions In reply to
I have just had this problem when setting up my new directory. I just modified them by rewriting the description and it solved the problem. Dont know what caused it though.
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Re: [groberthall] Blank Line in Descriptions In reply to
Yes this is pretty odd. I checked the code and it seems clean to me so I downloaded Netscape 7 and Opera. Both these browsers render the pages perfectly without the blank line.


Thanks for replying,

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Re: [jamayo] Blank Line in Descriptions In reply to
May be that IE translates new lines as a <BR> ... not sure why though, as that would cause all the lines to have <BR> tags on them Unsure

Good old M$ Tongue


Andy (mod)
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