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All these back-up files

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All these back-up files
I had someone install Links 2.0 for me about 2 years ago, to create a library of links. Today, while backingup a lot of files, I found 1 in the Links cgi-bin/admin folder called 'Backup'. There are dozens of files in there, going back to July 2003, when it was installed.
Not being too swift with these things, am I right in assuming that's where the nightly backup goes? And at the beginning of the month, it creates a new one for that month?
And can I delete a lot of them? Are they just taking up space? I could delete all the 2003 & 2004 ones?
I'd like to update to Links 3. Would I just download the file to my hard drive & upload it to my webspace, or is it like doing a whole new install?

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Re: [Librarian] All these back-up files In reply to
The backups are done the first time you do a build on a given day, if memory serves. You can safely delete the majority of them (maybe keep the last 5 backups just in case).

Links SQL 3.0 ("Gossamer Links") is essentially an entirely different program. It has a fool-proof installation script to automate the entire process, so there's not much uploading or manual configuration involved. There is of course an import function so you can carry over your existing database.

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Re: [fuzzy logic] All these back-up files In reply to
Amanda. everytime you do a build all, new backup files are created. SO yes, I dont think you would need them, but maube you can save a random copy for every month just in case you ever need, if you think. Backups never hurt.
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