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Alex: Html vs Shtml?

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Alex: Html vs Shtml?
In order to use SSI (Server Side Includes) on my host the extention must be .shtml and I would like to be able to use SSI on the output (results) page but its an .html.

What is the file I can edit to change the output to a .shtml file and what part of the code do I change?

Thanx in advance...

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Re: Alex: Html vs Shtml? In reply to

open links.cfg and go to the Build options section. If you don't know where this section is just do a search for Build Options.

Then edit this part:
# The name of an index file.
$build_index = "index.html";
# The extension to use for non index files:
$build_extension = ".html";

obviously you have to change index.html to index.shtml and $build_extension to .shtml

that should do it.

bye for now.

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Re: Alex: Html vs Shtml? In reply to
I have done that, It lets me add SSI's to the Categories Index files. (I am using SSI to add a radon bannerswap banner) but I want to be able to be able to put the banners on the Search Results page. So when someone does a search and gets the results it will have a bannerswap banner there too. Any ideas?
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Re: Alex: Html vs Shtml? In reply to
Search results are cgi-generated, so they are neither .html or .shtml. You will need a cgi-routine to call the banners from those pages.

If you are using Webadverts, search the forum archives for tons of info on that. IN particular, search the old forum archives, as I've provided a lot of information about migrating the two programs on that board.


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