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Alex, what about my order placed last week?

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Alex, what about my order placed last week?
Hello Alex!!!

Sorry for posting this here, excuse me but I need to do this.

Last week I placed an order for a license copy of Links SQL. During the submit procedure I felt that something has gone wrong. Now I am not sure what happened, if at all your company received my request at all.

I have request one license of Links SQL. I expected a thankyou email but that never arrived. Your email listing said that within two days one gets a liscence number + a copy. Now I do not know if this request is been correctly received by your company. Therefore I tried to get your telephone number and have left a message explaining the matter and also placing the order second time thinking that the first time it did not get through correct, would only make confusions.

So I have also written an email explaining the matter. Now I take the opurtunity to put the message here thinking that you, as a moderator may see it and respond timely.

It would be really stupid to simply wait for few weeks and find out that my order has disappeared. What shall I do, place it again or has it been arrived. What I can guess is that you may be overloaded that may be the reason of delay.

Excuse me for writing this message again. I actually would request you to erase this thread at at all as this has nothing to do with this forum.

I am actually looking forward to your new creation. You took a lot of time which tells me how good it could be!!!