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After install, how to use

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After install, how to use
AngelicWell, I am glad I got some help installing from Thomas and have begin to play with Links. Thank you Thomas. Looking for instructions, I do not find them in a centralised place, so I have jumped in and added a few categories and links. My questions are basic:

Using the control panel, I have added these so far:


Under THIS SITE you can see a HOSTING category, and then 3 things.

(1) Re the first entry: What is pop after new?

Hosted Site 1 Coastal Convergence Society new pop

(2) When I make a category, I am prompted for RELATED,

but it is not clear what this is. I first selected that, thinking it was needed

to make subcategories, but found it is not (I just do This_Site/Hosting/And_So_On

to make sub categories. So it seems I do not have to select it. But what would

happen it if I did have a RELATED thing selected?

(3) I thought I typed in headers and footers, but don't see them. Do they add them to that category?

(4) Meta Descriptions and keywords are optional. I suppose this is for search engines?

I probably don't need them, but....

(5) Emailing seems to be related to Newsletters. I am not sure I need one since I already have a newsletter (mailing list) and it would confuse people to have two. On the other hand, I am curious.

Where can I find documentation on using, turning on, turning off, etc.

(6) It seems whenever I add a link or category, I have to Build it. I see veraious options. Where do i find documentation? Do I have to add a link, Build All, Add a Link, Build All? Or can I add link, link, link, link and then build all? And what About Staggered and Sataggered Auto?

(7) If I want to change the layout, do I just ftp some template to my hard disk and

make changes? Any dangers or caveats that are written somewhere?

(8) Now in my 3 examples here:


Is there a way I can alphabetize or arrange the links?

(9) I can probaby figure out the rest (check links). As a non profit, where do I register?

I like the functionality. Because I have experience using DB Man as a correspondent for

LabourStart, much is familiar. Just need a little help to figure out the options.
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Re: [paularenson] After install, how to use In reply to
1) pop means POPULAR (believe there is a FAQ that covers this in the Gossamer Threads RESOURCE Section Links 2.0 -> FAQs.

2) If you select a related category, then the related categories would appear in the CATEGORY that you associated them with. I believe that the demo copy of LINKS 2.0 shows the "related categories" at the bottom of the CATEGORY pages.

3) Discussed before in the forums. Search for category header footer.

4) Yes, they are optional, but if you want your category pages to be indexed and ranked high in some of the popular search engines, good idea to use them.

5) Uh...the LINKS 2.0 Newsletter is useful because it will dynamically show NEW links in your directory when you send out the Newsletter...again, discussed before in the forums.

6) Build All goes through the WHOLE buil;d process. Build Staggered builds categories with new links and breaks up the build process into steps, rather than running through the whole build script at once. Where can you find more documentation? Resource section, found in the Support section of this site. Best to run BUILD ALL via crontab. Don't know what crontab is? There is a Tutorial in the Resources section of this site.

7) You can either edit the templates "off-line" and FTP them to your server, OR use the online editor. If your permissions are set up properly (chmod 666 *.html -> in the templates folder), then you should be fine.

8) Yep...search the forums for Aphabetical.

9) There is a registration link in the Links 2.0 product page.

Some suggestions:

1) Search the Resource section before searching the forum. (Resource section located in the SUPPORT section of this site.)

2) Search the forum thoroughly before posting questions.

3) IF you can't find the answer you are looking for, then post questions ONE at a time and in SEPARATE threads.

Thank you.
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Heckler] After install: VALIDATE In reply to
Thanks....will try to research all the various things myself....

In the course of doing so (I added my own link as if I was a regular user), I successfully added it and validated it and then got the validation message, which referred to the added link, but had a generic addresss instead of mine. I looked under validate in the links forum and found many questions, but not that one.

The message:


Thank you for visiting our site. We've added the following link into
our directory:

Title : test
URL : http://arenson.org
Category : This_Site
Description : This is a test
Contact Name : paul
Contact Email: paul@tokyoprogressive.org

You can see your new listing at:

http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/links/ THIS IS THE PROBLEM--I WANT TO HAVE IT REFER TO MY SITE
Not finding a reference, I checked templates, but there doesn't seem to be one for

this. Where would I go? I see one can modify the rejection notice only in the control panel.

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Re: [paularenson] After install: VALIDATE In reply to
Guess you didn't look at your template files hard enough...Tongue


You can custom this to your web site address.
Buh Bye!