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Admin Protection!!

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Admin Protection!!
The script is not protected by default, i have create a .htaccess, but if someone know the url of the script he will be able to do many things such as links deletion, type of non usefull categories...
So what i want to know is "Is there a way to include an admin pwd in the script"?

It's really annoying
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Knowing the URL of the script will not help anyone if the admin directory is password protected. It not only protects the admin directory, but all subdirectories under the admin directory as well. If they know the URL and the commands and try to execute one of the functions, they will still be prompted for the username and password before the script will execute. If they cannot furnish the proper username and password, the script will not execute.

In addition, none of the data files or any other files will be accessible, via the web, if the admin directory is password protected using the .htaccess/.htpasswd scheme.

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