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Adding links problem

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Adding links problem
Right now I have about 280 sub-categories. I want to add a few thousand sub-sub categories. But if there are so many sub-sub categories the user will have difficulty scrolling through that massive list when he/she is adding a link. Thus I really like the feature that automatically adds the subcategory to the form when a user goes to a subcategory and adds his/her link. However it doesn't work all the time. Sometimes the subcategory is there and sometimes you have to scroll through the list. At first I thought it was my browser caching the add.cgi page. I deleted the temporary internet files and the links in the history folder but it still doesn't work.
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I don't know if the mod is posted in the Resource Center, but there are threads in the LINKS Modification forum that allow you to have users add categories by clicking through categories and then having the category and sub-category appear in the add form (like Yahoo! with suggesting sites).

Search for add form in the LINKS Modification Forum or check out the Resource Center.


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