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Add site error!

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Add site error!
For some reason the script is numbering the new sites starting with 1 again.. I recently went to validate the new addition and notice the ID were starting at 1! Is there any reason for this? When i validate the new sites it works but when i do a search for ID 2(for example) it shows two of them! Any ideas why this is happening?
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Re: [MadCool] Add site error! In reply to
Check your /data/linksid.txt file, it should just have a number in it. It somehow got reset. Figure out what your last 'correct' link number was, and you can change the new ones to continue from there. Renumber them (they're in links.db) by changing the first field. They look like this, kinda:
3|Link Title|http://linkURL.com/|24-Nov-2002|category|description|contact name|ltcontact email|4|Yes|Yes|0|0
This is with only the original number of fields in the add form. If your numbers go "106, 107, 108, 2, 3" then change 2 to 109, etc. then in linksid.txt enter the next unused number.

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