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Add Macintosh bug?

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Add Macintosh bug?
I can not add links or categories when using my iMac.
I'm fine when using my Mac laptop or PC. What is also
odd it that I can not add links to other people's Links2
websites either. I have tried different browsers.

iMac Rev B
Mac OS 9.2.2
Netscape 4.78
Explorer 5.0 (2022)
Opera 6.0

Powerbook 1400cs
Mac OS 9.1
Netscape 4.7

When I view the source of the webpage I get this

<a class="menulink" href="http://www.happytogether.com/318ti/registry">Home</a> |
<!--lass="menulink" href="http://www.happytogether.com/318ti/registry/cgi-bin/add.cg-->Add a Name</a> |
<a class="menulink" href="http://www.happytogether.com/318ti/registry/cgi-bin/modify.cgi">Modify an Entry</a> |

If you notice, the add link is commented out.
It happens everywhere I have an add link.
I know it's not Link2 since it works elsewhere.

Anyone else have this problem?
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Re: [steven1214] Add Macintosh bug? In reply to
Please post the exact sourcecode of your header section of your template files...with those links posted in them.

Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] Add Macintosh bug? In reply to
I noticed something else about this bug just last night.
And mind you, it is something wrong only on one of my Macs.
The are running different OS versions.

If I view the links/cgi-bin directory from the web, with no index.html file, I'll see the different files listed.

admin (directory)

Each file is a hyperlink except add.cgi.
If I rename add.cgi to sadd.cgi, it becomes a hyperlink.
If I change add.cgi to add2.cgi, there is no link.

So this tells me that the problem has something to do with the add.cgi and not a template.

One solution for me would be to update the OS but I do not feel my iMac (233Mhz) can take advantage of OS X.
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Re: [steven1214] Add Macintosh bug? In reply to
I just stumbled across another bizarre phenomena.

I created a subcategory "How_to/add an accessory toggle switch".

I am unable to click on the category and the format of the category pages aligns itself all the way to the left.

So this is telling me there is nothing wrong with the add.cgi as I previously thought, but this particular computer does not like the word 'add' anywhere when using Link2.
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