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A DB editor

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A DB editor
Is there a good editor, wich I can use to edit the db files (like links.db)?

Because I can't save the file in excel with the | between the words.
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Re: [Whynot] A DB editor In reply to
see the CSVdb software at http://home.hccnet.nl/...oftware/software.htm

as for editors:



and a bunch of text and html editors at http://www.nonags.com

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Re: [Whynot] A DB editor In reply to
Simple and free: http://textpad.com

OK, it's not free... there's a free trial, it's $27 if ya keep it.

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Re: [Whynot] A DB editor In reply to
There is a way to use Excel to output the db files. I used the Concatenate function to merge the cells into one pipe-deliminated cell. Like this:


Excel offers a whole bunch of data manipulation tools that the other editors don't have, but you'll still need a good editor (UltraEdit-32 is a great one) to output the db to. Oh, and make sure you have the properties in the cells set to "text", or the date will not merge properly.