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2 newsletters using Links? Possible? How?

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2 newsletters using Links? Possible? How?
I have added a second email newsletter section to the admin_html.pl and it will not work.
I copied this line:
<a href="$db_script_url?db=links&html_mail_update=1">New Stuff News</a><br>

changed and added it right beneath it to read:
<a href="$db_script_url?db=weekly&almostweekly_update=1">Almost Weekly News</a><br>

The weekly is just a blank db. I also copied and pasted the html_mail_update and renamed the second one to almostweekly_update. But when I click on the second link, it opens another admin.cgi session in the main window.

I have tried renaming the weekly to links like on line 1 but it does the same thing.

Can anyone offer any reason why and how to fix it?