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'New Links' doesn't work

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'New Links' doesn't work

We've been using the Links 2.0 cgi scripts for a little over a year now, and are very pleased with the script. It's functional and easy to install and use.

Recently (within the last week or so) the 'New' link has stopped working, and doesn't show any of the new links in the database. I'm also not getting the little 'new' superscript note next to categories with new links in them.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Any helpful ideas are greatly appreciated.


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Re: [scarolan] 'New Links' doesn't work In reply to
Please disregard my last post - here is what the problem was:

I had let the unreviewed links pile up so there were 25 or so, and I was only reviewing the first page then building the directory. It doesn't seem to include the 'new' links until you have validated all the new links.

thanks for a great useful script