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"new"and "pop"not showing up in links.html

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"new"and "pop"not showing up in links.html
I've modified the links.html to display the data in a table format. Since then the NEW and POP will not show up. From memory I had to remove the IF statements to get the rest of the fields to show, but if you do that with NEW etc you get a "1". My links.html is below. Hope someone can help....

<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" link="#00CC00" vlink="#99FF99">
<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">
<div align="left">
<table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" width="434" align="center">
<tr><td colspan="3" align="center" bgcolor="#005279" height="22"> <a class="link" target="_self" href="<%db_cgi_url%>/jump.cgi?ID=<%ID%>"><b><%Title%></b></a></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#0080C0" width="103"><font size="2"><b>Open:<font color="#FFFFFF">
<small class="date"><%Opento%></small></font></b></font></td>
<td bgcolor="#0080C0" width="218"><font size="2"><b>Closing Date<font size="3">:</font></b>
<font color="#FFFFFF" size="3"><b><small class="date"><%Expire%></small></b></font></font></td>
<td bgcolor="#0080C0" width="102"><font size="2"><b>Age:</b><small class="date">
<font color="#FFFFFF"><b><%Age%></b></font></small></font></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="3" height="70"><p align="center"><span class="descript"><font color="#000000"><%Description%></font></span></p></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="3" height="17" bgcolor="#000000">
<div align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF" size="1"><small class="date">(Added:
<%Date%> Hits: <%Hits%> Rating: <%Rating%> Votes: <%Votes%> ) <a href="<%db_cgi_url%>/rate.cgi?ID=<%ID%>"><b>Rate
It</b></a></small> </font></div></td></tr>
<tr><td height="8" width="103" bgcolor="#000000">
<div align="center"><b><font color="#CC0033" size="2"><small class="date"><%if isPopular%>pop<%endif%></small></font></b></div></td>
<td height="8" width="218" bgcolor="#000000">
<div align="center"><span class="descript"><font color="#00CC00" size="1"><%Easycash%></font></span></div></td>
<td height="8" width="102" bgcolor="#000000">
<div align="center"><font color="#CC0000"><%if isNew%> <b>new<font color="#CC0033" size="2"><small class="date"><%endif%></small></font></b></font></div>
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Re: "new"and "pop"not showing up in links.html In reply to
If you are not using the updated "nested ifs" mod located in the Resource Center, then your <$if ...%> and <%endif%> tags must be on lines by themselves of they will not work. Your code doesn't show them on lines by themselves.

For example, I would change this:

<div align="center"><font color="#CC0000"><%if isNew%> <b>new<font color="#CC0033" size="2"><small class="date"><%endif%></small></font></b></font></div>

to read:

<%if isNew%>
<div align="center"><font color="#CC0000"><b>new<font color="#CC0033" size="2"><small class="date"></small></font></b></font></div>

I hope this helps.

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Re: "new"and "pop"not showing up in links.html In reply to
Thanxs again

Worked like a dream, just have to get the sorting by date working correctly and i'm all finished.(except for the auto delete after the set date but that one out of my league)
Do you do custom work by chance ? Smile

Thanx bobsie
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Re: "new"and "pop"not showing up in links.html In reply to
No, I don't do custom work at this time. But the resource center has a list of people who might. Check it out at http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/resources/