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"Top" & "Home" menu link change

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"Top" & "Home" menu link change
Hello people! This forum is FULL of information, but couldn't find this one by searching, probably because of the simple/common terms used.

In any given categories or links page you have the TOP menu which might say, for example:

Top : Cars : Ford : Escort

Also the lower, bracketed menu of:
| Home | Add a Site | Modify a Site | What's New | What's Cool | Top Rated | Random Link | Search |

Both the "Top" and "Home" links are directed to my www.MySite.com/links directory, but this isn't my index page and it's to my index page I'd like to call "Top" and "Home".

Can someone direct me to the appropriate file to help change these universally across the entire site as well as change the words used in the lower menu example with the "Home" link? I assume they're changeable in the same place, no?

Finally, can I find the addition of wallpaper or background color for the same category/link pages in the same file as those I'm seeking above?


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MadridMan: Jul 8, 2002, 8:14 PM
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Re: [MadridMan] "Top" & "Home" menu link change In reply to
You searched the forums? Really? Wink

Anyway, here is a page within the search result page that lists
a bunch of links to threads that will help you with the "Top"


Like the following:


About the "Home" link, in order not to screw up the build process,
what you should do is create another variable in the links.cfg
file called:

$build_home_url = "/";

Then in the %globals section in the site_html_templates.pl file,
create the following global:

build_home_url => $build_home_url

Then in your template files, change <%build_root_url%> to

Hope this helps...
Buh Bye!