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"404" in netscape/ sometimes explorer

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"404" in netscape/ sometimes explorer
I have the freeware version. Wonderful script! I was notified by a user that I had broken links on my home page. I could not duplicate the problem. Through a number of emails I learned that the user could not view the site in explorer 4.0 or netscape. I duplicated the problem when I accessed the site with another PC in netscape. when a link to pages was hit a "404" comes up.
left in the URL address field is /linkarea/pages/links.css
Could the script be hanging or does my isp possibly have some kind mapping problem?
Thanks in advance
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Re: "404" in netscape/ sometimes explorer In reply to
The problem is with the .css file in the codes you have in your template files. If you are using the .css file, make sure that the css variable in the links.cfg file is set correctly. If not, take out all the css reference codes in your template files.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C

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Re: "404" in netscape/ sometimes explorer In reply to
Thanks for the info Elliot! I have heard that there are problems with netscape and the "_"(underscore) character in cascading style sheets. I have removed the references in my templates.All is well!
Thanks again,