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using links 2 for person registration form?

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using links 2 for person registration form?
Now that I have links up and running my car registry site, I came up with a new idea.

We have different events that people need to register for.
I will comment out URL and title.

I will use Contact Name, Contact Email.
Additional fields, membership number, car, class, comments.

Categories would be

So someone would select the subcategory and add their information. I will make it so it will self validate. I will also have links2 build automatically. There will not be a lot of traffic so I am not concerned about server load.

Two important functions is that a person can modify the resource themself and that I can set a limit on the number of entries per subcategory. If the limit is reached there needs to be a message, full - check back later.

I can probably use the membership number to validate that a person can modify the resource. I haven't noticed any delete selection, so I would have a category for that person to move the selection to delete and I could manually remove it.

Before getting more involved I just wanted to hear some advice. Perhaps someone knows of a set of perl scripts already out there?

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Re: [steven1214] using links 2 for person registration form? In reply to
search for the alt categories mod but I'm not aware of a limit to the number of alt cats to that mod

use Paul's password protection mod

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