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template tags list????

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template tags list????
I'm wondering (after searching the forums) if there is a list of all base template tags available? Base meaning the tags that are supplied with the raw version of Links 2.0.

I know many of the tags, but find that certain tags only work with certain templates and forms. Would be nice if there was an (index) of all of the template tags and their functions.

Any hints as to where I might find them?

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Re: template tags list???? In reply to
Just open up site_html_templates.pl and in each sub you will see which template is being loaded and which tags can be used in that particular template. eg...

sub site_html_home {
# --------------------------------------------------------
# This routine will build a home page. It is not meant to have any
# links on it, only subcategories.

return &load_template ('home.html', {
category => $category,
grand_total => $grand_total,
Template : home.html (builds index.html).

Available tags: <%category%>, <%grand_total%> and the hash of globals found at the top of site_html_templates.pl, so that would include <%date%>, <%time%> and <%site_title%> etc...