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select another_field from cats where category=$cat

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select another_field from cats where category=$cat

Sorry to bother you so much today, I promise I'll shut up real soon :)

What I want to do is simply fetch a field from the category database which corresponds to a category I am processing right now. Did I make myself clear? I am not sure.

Again: In the variable $cat I have a category name like 'games/ps2/golf'. Now I want to fetch the field 'playable'. I could also access the field via its id if that is simpler. i just want to get at it.

I could of course read in the db file once again, but that wouldn't make sense in my opinion. The should be somewhere, shouldn't it? I do perl, but I don't have the overview over links2 to see how I could easily get the data from categories.db to where I want to output it (which would be in the category listings).

Any help? Thanks,

_ Lasar