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request mod
I'm using Links 2.0 as a game patch directory. People can add new patches for me to validate, but I neew to have a request field placed in several pages around the script. In this field they would write the game's name, and I would receive the post in the admin section and then try to find a patch for that game.

Can anyone make this kind of mod, or maybe there is one out there? I would really appreciate it!

Nothing fancy. Just one field and an admin function. I cannot pay, but I'm hoping someone would do this for free.

Please answer.

Thank you.

- perlman
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Re: [perlman] request mod In reply to
Do you mean you want to receive an email when a question is asked? If not, what do you mean "I would receive the post in the admin section "? A basic form/email script would work. On my site, I use one for folks to suggest a site to add (in addition to the Add Resource one that is standard). It's a modified version of feedback.cgi, which should be here somewhere...

Found it at http://mir.spaceports.com/~glennu/feed.html.

aka PerlFlunkie

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