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mod used for g-t.com/scripts/resources/?

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mod used for g-t.com/scripts/resources/?
I read a lot about different template mods.
Which one is used for http://gossamer-threads.com/scripts/resources/?

I tried that yahoo mod and it looks nothing like the one on the page above.

I have also seen a cool mod on someone's links2 page that lists what is new on the home page. A little searching came up with it over here.

Does that mod do the same thing as the links referenced in this one?

I want to list the new entries individually, not just the dates like how the what's new page is.

Has anyone else used it? Just want to be sure it works before messing with it.

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steven1214: Jan 26, 2003, 8:45 PM
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Re: [steven1214] mod used for g-t.com/scripts/resources/? In reply to
My new page uses the link.html page ( I think ). don't remember how I did that but it looks better than just the dates on a page.

Sounds like you want to do the same.

That link to G-T looks like the home.html with links to new, cool, add, modify etc

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