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dead links removal improvement request

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dead links removal improvement request
Hi everyone,
running the verifying links option takes forever and ever, and, what sense does it make if you have 15 000 links listed and 4000 of them have become obsolete over time - and that's all this script can do at present, tell you what is alive and what dead, but no option whatsoever to remove the dead links right away!!
A checkbox next to each scanned link would be nice and at the end of the process a button to mass delete all checked would make me happy.

Anyone any ideas how this important issue could finally be under taken and solved??
Remember, Google punishes sites with to many dead links, so, operating a script like Links2 with no built-in links monitoring is just to much of manual checking and checking and deleting around 500 corners ....Mad
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Re: [gossy] dead links removal improvement request In reply to
Wow, 15,000 link in a Links2 install - thats quite brave! No wonder its slow ;)

I'm afraid I don't know how that mod works (as I only really work with GLinks), so afraid I can't be much more helps on this.


Andy (mod)
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