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XML picks up random link

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XML picks up random link

i have look over those threads with RSS and XML ... but i didn't find simple answer :) how to make XML to pick up random link (only one) to be displayed on ther sites via XML ...

example file should be


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-2'?>


<article id="1" language="sl">




<category id="1">Kategorija 1 clanka</category>

<category id="2">Kategorija 2 clanka</category>

<category id="(n)">Kategorija (n) clanka</category>

<headline>Naslov clanka</headline>

<subtitle>Podnaslov clanka</subtitle>

<flash>Uvod clanka</flash>

<body>Vsebina clanka</body>

<url id="1">URL 1 clanka</url>

<url id="2">URL 2 clanka</url>

<url id="(n)">URL (n) clanka</url>

<author id="1">Ime avtorja 1</author>

<author id="2">Ime avtorja 2</author>

<author id="(n)">Ime avtorja (n)</author>

<picture id="1">URL slike 1</picture>

<picture id="2">URL slike 2</picture>

<picture id="(n)">URL slike (n)</picture>

<caption id="1">podnapis k sliki 1</caption>

<caption id="2">podnapis k sliki 2</caption>

<caption id="(n)">podnapis k sliki (n)</caption>

<source id="1">Vir 1 clanka</source>

<source id="2">Vir 2 clanka</source>

<source id="(n)">Vir (n) clanka</source>



any idea ... please never mind the language :))

thanx in advance


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Vs_Greg: Apr 5, 2002, 2:53 AM
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just bringing it back to top :)