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Weird Internal Server Error message

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Weird Internal Server Error message

I am now getting some major weird errors. For no reason the admin.cgi file is now failing to let me in, and just produving Internal Server errors.

I just don't understand this problem.

I have:

1) Unloaded in Binary
2) Made sure the the location to perl is correct
3) changed chmod to 755
4) deleted the old one a replaced with new copy.

This is weird, what the heck is going on, what does admin.cgi check before running, incase there is an error is another file which is failing admin.cgi

I thought you said Links 2.0 was easy to setup ;-)

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Re: Weird Internal Server Error message In reply to
Unloaded in Binary

Unloaded? Wink I think you meant uploaded... but Binary? All the scripts need to be uploaded in ASCII. In fact, all the Links files, except the single .gif file for the background, should be uploaded in ASCII.

I hope this helps.