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Urgent Please Help!

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Urgent Please Help!
First of all my web is running on NT server. Everything seems ok at first. I have about 551 links entry in my database and the size is only 162kb
I can build the pages fine for about a month
but last week when I click on Build All
and I got this
'd:\inetpub\etcmall\shopping\admin\nph-build.cgi' script produced no output
I've been trying many hundred of different ways to solve this problem but it could never be
solved. However I contact the support form my server but I get no response.
Anyone please be kind to help me out.
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Re: Urgent Please Help! In reply to
The better place to ask this question is in the Discussion Forum.


Anyway, the problem is that your file does not have the proper permissions to execute. You need to have the following permissions set for all your cgi files:

IUSR/MACHINENAME = Read, Write, Execute
Everyone = Read, Execute

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C