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UPDATED: Ace Referer

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UPDATED: Ace Referer
Ok, I have now re-released my last mod for Links 2. The old version wasinPerl, but this one I decided to do in PHP. It may seem a bit stupid, but I wanted to practice my PHP skills, and it is also easier to do what I wantedtodo in PHP (IMO). Ok, you can download it from;


Features include;

* Can set how many people you want to refer to (variable in script).
* Message, Title, Header, Footer etc can all be edited as variables.
* Regex in there to hopefully stop any bad submissions Tongue
* Header and Footer variables to allow you to have a header and footer on the error page, and on the main submission page.

Well, hope you like it, and once again, if you want to send me some money please see http://www.ace-installer.com/...ages&file=donate[/url][/url], and for support please use these forums.


Andy (mod)
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