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Sear Results URL problem

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Sear Results URL problem
1. I use Links in Spanish language.
2. I made all proper modifications to include áccents in the category and sub-category names like "Inmigración > Información"
3. See directory at http://www.qdice.com Click on "Inmigración" then its sub-category > "Información" NOTICE the accents and how -WHEN CLICKED- the browser calls the proper URLs anyway.

***However in SEARCH RESULTS the URL's for categories and sub-categories with accents do not work the same.

Try this search:
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Gerstein & Gerstein Abogados
-Gerstein & Gerstein Abogados ofrecen servicios legales
But if you try clicking on the URL Search Results for the category: "Inmigración" it doesn't work!! As it did when you just went to that category by clicking it on the Directory page...??

EXACT SAME LINK but browser won't interpret accents as it did earlier??? What am I missing here ? Why does Link have no problems with building Categories and Sub-categories... with proper and accent equivalent "chárácters and URL's" but Search results fails to do so...?