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SSI-Hack for dynamic pages

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SSI-Hack for dynamic pages
I use template mod for links2.

I use heavy %include filename.

Yes, I know all about SSI-dynamic problem.

In links1 I've parsed the specific file in the specific case in search.cgi.

Ok, in links2 with templates this is not the way.

A way can be: In Tempates.pm a new tag, lets say: %ssi_include.

Yes, I know: This is NOT the best way. This will make a static interpretion of the ssi-Tag. Till the next run of nph-build.cgi. - But it will work for me.

I think, it's easier to post my little catastrophic script. The script can be part
of %ssi_include in Templates.pm:

$_=`cat $a`;
while (/<!--#include virtual="([^"]*)" -->/){
$b=~ s/Content-type: text\/html//;
s/<!--#include virtual="([^"]*)" -->/$b/

I a'm little stupid; please help me.

Martin Ebert