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mod review2 and number of reviews

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mod review2 and number of reviews
I use mod review2. Works fine.

Now I want to print the given number of
reviews for the link. - Yes, in category pages, in result pages.

It should be displayed so:
A_link (Hits: 28 Comments [3] )

(3 -> number of given comments is 3)

I've coded this:
In template links.html -> ... %reviews%

In site_html_templates.pl (following is part of site_html_link)

&get_reviews ($rec{'ID'});

return &load_template ('link.html', {
detailed_url => "$db_detailed_url/$rec{'ID'}$build_extension",

# reviews => $reviews,

Building of pages stops at first link.
No error message. Script hangs. - Yes, linux.

Any idea for this?

Any better code for this?

Martin Ebert

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Re: mod review2 and number of reviews In reply to
Widgetz provides instructions on how to do this in the mammoth 100+ messsage thread when he released review.cgi back in September-ish '99...

The Immuatable Order of Modding
1. Read the FAQ, 2. Search the board, 2a. Search the board again, 3. ask the question, 4. back-up, 5. experiment, 6. rephrase question (or better yet, post solution to original question)